Diversify your products.
Leverage our network.

Strategic Partnership Opportunity

SignID is engaged with a variety of professionals, companies and organizations with a mission to help businesses gain brand recognition through effective, high-quality signage. We have developed a strategic partnership program for those seeking for a long-term business relationship, interested in diversification utilizing our products and services and leveraging each other’s network. Contact us and ask about this program to register for added bonuses and profit sharing opportunities.

You are qualified if you are a:
  1. Sign Broker / Inspector / Installer
  2. Design Firm / Graphic Designer
  3. Advertising Agency
  4. Sales and Marketing Firm
  5. Social Media Influencer / Blogger
  6. Commercial Contractor / Developer 
  7. Commercial Property Manager / Landlord
  8. Franchise or Chain Store
  9. Copy & Print Shop
  10. Promotional / Exhibitor Company
  11. Professional / Business Owner

How This Works

Step 1: Send us a Qualified Lead

Refer our company’s products and services to any individual, business, or organization in your network who may need new signs. Our team of experts will consult with them to identify needs, recommend appropriate solutions and provide estimates. If the potential client agrees with our quote and decides to move forward, you qualify to advance into the next step.

Estimated Duration: 15-30 mins

Step 2: Monitor the Progress

Once the client has agreed to move forward, you will be cc’d in all of the correspondence and updated during all of the phases from concept and design to production, installation and job completion. No active work is needed in this step.

Estimated Duration: 3 days – several months depending on the product
Large custom architectural signage will take longer to fabricate and install.

Step 3: Receive Payment

When we receive payment from the client in full we will send 5-15% of the revenue to you through the preferred method of your choosing. We are able to mail a cheque or send an electronic e-transfer to the desired contact and address. Percentage amount is determined on a case by case basis and by the  type of product purchased by the client. Considering the average cost of our signage products, the average amount you will receive is $50 to $500+ regardless of how little time you spend referring a qualified lead to us. If you choose to keep and maintain the clientele you refer as an asset, you may continue to receive a percentage cut from future signs they order from you. Continue to send us leads and keep on generating revenue as a long-term business partner.