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Like any area that requires stop signs, parking areas are required to have parking signs to help to keep the area safe. Each of the several signs that are placed in parking areas is important for different reasons.

The parking signs are generally placed outside making them exposed to anything that is potentially damaging. For this reason, they should be made from materials that are resistant to weather like plastic and aluminium. The materials are durable even if rain, hail, snow or dew should hit them. They still are useful after many years of being exposed to direct sunlight.  Some of them can stay outside for over them years and not have to receive maintenance.

Parking signs are designed to be durable in hot or cold temperatures. They do not crack or become brittle. This is especially ideal for parking signs for garages. It is a must that parking signs are reflective so persons can see it even if it is dark. These are made from materials that are reflective or coated with a paint that is reflective. When light is shined on them it is clear just like if it was day time. The coating is used to help shield stop signs for example from any scratch which may damage the message.

Stop signs and parking signs are usually seen in many different locations. For parking signs, a business place, private property or a public area could have one or a few of those. Parking laws vary for public and private parking areas. For example ADA (American Disability Act, 1990s) parking areas must be available. These are referred to as accessible parking locations for handicaps and normally found close to businesses or other building entrances. There are other signs that should be used for identifying fire lane – area reserved for any case of fire so fire-fighters can get easy admittance to the zone.

It is usually easy to see and read parking signs. They are placed in locations where they can be seen. On a private property, the owner may place a sign which says ‘No Parking Permitted, ‘No Parking, Anytime’ or ‘No Parking in the Driveway’. They are generally placed at businesses or houses which are likely to have parking issues. One example of such is a home that is located close to a tourist site. This is because tourists may need parking areas and the private property owner has none to offer.

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