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The first thing that customers notice when they enter an establishment is the signage that bears the name of the shop. Commercial signs are an important marketing strategy because in some ways it implies the image the business wants to convey. Unfortunately, not all businesses use this graphic presentation to their advantage.

There are a lot of elements that are involved in a commercial sign: color, text style, logo, size or design. Choosing the right combination of these elements is made easier with the help of companies that offer graphic design services.

Signage can also use a variety of materials from films to PVC depending whether it will be used outdoors or indoors. Some stores for instance want to achieve an etched glass effect on their shopfront windows so they can opt for films with special texture and shades. The overall effect of these films is simple elegance that is not overbearing. Aside from attracting the customer’s attention, the clean chic lines of this type of signage can show the interior of the store in all the right places.

Commercial signs can also be freestanding or wall mounted. Companies responsible for designing these signs usually ask their clients how they want it to be installed for it to be an effective display. The following are common types of signage and their methods of installation:

  • Banners – made from vinyl PVC, it is usually suspended from ceilings or walls using cable rods so that it can be seen from a distance. Lighting is used alongside banners to make it visible even at night.
  •  Display stands – is fitted as a freestanding unit into banner rails for displaying products offered inside the store.
  • A-Boards – is similar to display stands and is often placed perpendicular to roads to communicate to the public especially if you want them to know your products and services as well as your location

So, if you want to promote what your store offers, commercial signs are the most effective way of communicating quickly with your clients. Unlike other forms of advertisements which cost a lot, signage are an affordable option of identifying and reinforcing the purpose of your business.

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