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When people are standing online at a checkout or waiting for an appointment, they are bound to start looking at the walls. Even if you have attractive wallpaper or panelling, there are plenty of other useful things you can add to that valuable eye space.

In fact, when you use wall decals or wall stickers, you can place all kinds of messages on the walls. This includes inspirational quotes that may encourage sales, or vital information about services that you offer. Wall decals stickers can even be used to entertain people or help them relax while they are waiting for any given event to occur.

Even though it may seem strange, people really and truly do tend to look at the floor more often than surrounding walls. You may even be surprised to find that this is a force of habit with many people.  

Therefore, if you want to advertise special deals in a store setting, or other location, it makes perfect sense to make use of floor graphics or floor decals.  
As an added bonus, you will often find that these floor decals tend to be far more creative and colorful than their wall counterparts. This includes being designed with unusual shapes, a wider range of colors, and larger sizes.

If you are interested in learning more about how floor graphics or custom wall graphics can be used to boost sales, we are happy to help you at  SignIDSolutions.

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